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Grow Local for the Planet is a place to share regenerative gardening practices in our backyards, to help restore our soil as a means to mitigate climate change, and to grow a community of gardeners who learn from each other.

What is Regenerative agriculture & gardening?

Regenerative agriculture is a holistic approach to food and farming systems which focuses on restoring the soil as a means to reverse climate change.  Rebuilding soil organic matter & soil biodiversity results in carbon sequestration, increased wildlife corridors, increased nutrient density in our food, improved water cycle and increased crop resilience.

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Collectively we can make a change by changing how we garden. Get knowledge from experts, watch informative videos, learn from Linda's Garden about what is possible, join our forum to ask questions and find answers. Let's do this together for the planet!

healthy Soil is key

Learn how to get a healthy soil for plant growth, water storage, for wildlife and solving climate change.


Learn about the different types composting methods and characteristics to look for to make healthy compost for your garden.

Native plants & trees

Learn how to create a healthy thriving ecosystem in your yard by choosing native plantings.


Save the bees, birds, and beneficial insects. Learn how to observe the fauna and flora and how to provide an ideal environment for flourishing local wildlife.


Your soil provides healthy vegetable and herb growth. Learn about companion plants, good bugs and more.

Healthy foods

Having a garden not matter how big or small, allows fresh foods to be accessible. Share recipes.


Easy to use page based on topics, you will find links to outside sources chosen by our knowledgeable gardeners. It might be an article, native plant list, a study, book, a how-to or informative video link that could be useful to you.

Learn about regenerative gardening

Fellow gardeners and experts share their knowledge to the community with articles, interviews, and videos.

Have a Discussion

Start a forum topic and/or comment on someone else's. In our community we will learn from each other by asking and answering questions with our fellow garderners.

Pepper plants

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