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WIN Fast Forest Presentation:
One baby chickadee “costs” 1000 caterpillars?!? What?! 

Learn about the cost of chickadees (& other birds), why caterpillars rock, and why mature forests are crucial to the earth’s wellbeing.  Prassede Calabi (PhD) discusses what forests have to do with food pyramids, why we all need to eat our ‘brights’ and how to keep those chickadees going.


the Win Fast Forest

Grow Local for the Planet, in collaboration with Wright-Locke Farm, is starting Winchester’s own “Miyawaki” or Fast Forest This involves transforming a bit of low habitat-value wetlands at Wright-Locke Farm into a high-value mature forest in 30 years rather than the typical 150 years. 


We will be planting May 4th.
Be part of regenerating a Fast Forest by volunteering to plant or donating. Mother Earth, local pollinators and wildlife will thank you! 

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We promote growing native plants to heal the earth – to help restore soil quality and a healthy balance for plants, insects, wildlife and people. 
We pursue our mission through monthly gatherings and events to promote discussion and knowledge sharing. We collaborate with other community organizations to transform the environment one bit of land at a time. Ideally, we see a collaboration of suburban agro-ecology gardeners creating a healthy environment for all forms of life.
Currently, our main goal is installing the WIN Fast Forest at Wright-Locke Farm using the Miyawaki method. These small, dense forests provide mature native habitat with all its benefits in one-fifth or less the usual time. 

What is Regenerative agriculture, forestry & gardening?

Regenerative agriculture is a holistic approach to food and farming systems which focuses on restoring the soil as a means to reverse climate change.  Rebuilding soil organic matter & soil biodiversity results in carbon sequestration, increased wildlife corridors, increased nutrient density in our food, improved water cycle and increased crop resilience.

healthy Soil

Learn how to get a healthy soil for plant growth, water storage, for wildlife and solving climate change.

Native plants & trees

Learn how to create a healthy thriving ecosystem in your yard by choosing native plantings.


Save the bees, birds, and beneficial insects. Learn how to observe the fauna and flora and how to provide an ideal environment for flourishing local wildlife.