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Grow Local for the Planet will be a different type of gardening series. We do want to learn about growing food and growing pollinator habitats but we want to learn to do this as we reexamine our relationship with nature.

The history of our culture’s relationship with the earth has been mostly a one-way street, what can nature do for us. We have gotten to know the natural world only enough to know what we want to exploit from it for our benefit. No wonder the world is in the shape it is today.

The scope and scale of our global predicament is so overwhelming it can be paralyzing. But what if there is a way that we can make an impact on our environment without having to leave our backyards? What if how and what we garden can make a small difference? And what if we can connect all our gardens to make a bigger impact?

Let us move to a reciprocal relationship with the earth where the earth nourishes us and we nourish the earth, with a side benefit of creating a community of gardeners. We’ll do this in a series of presentations and conversations with other gardeners about growing food and pollinator gardens in our yards that can intersect with climate change, help restore ecosystems and regional wildlife corridors, and grow food as medicine.

Please come join fellow gardening enthusiasts. You are welcome whether you are a beginner or expert, young or old, whether you want to grow trees, native plants or veggies, have a balcony or an acre, want to replace your lawn, attract pollinators or create a fruit orchard. Let us learn from each other.

Featured project: Linda's Yard

Our second Grow Local for the Planet Zoom Meeting introduces us to Linda’s Yard and how to use the regenerative principles and plantings. Our yards connect to our neighbors, to our ponds, forests and fields. What we do effects our local wildlife and pollinators.

Linda’s Yard Series will take us step-by-step, just like ‘This Old House’ show, with Experts Demetra Tseckares and Prassede Calabi and others, as her yard is restored in a regenerative way that benefits her, the homeowner, as well as local wildlife and our earth.

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