Lincoln School Green Team and The WIN Fast Forest

Elementary school “Green Teams” give students the opportunity to put their passion for the environment into action. Teams are typically offered by parent volunteers with support from school staff. And teams have taken on projects such as school cafeteria recycling, composting and waste reduction.

The Lincoln Green Team
The Lincoln Elementary School Green Team has been in existence since 2016 through the dedicated support of parent volunteers. The current Green Team is made up of 16 students, grades 3 – 5, led by parents Rachel Chidsey and Lauren Gilbert. The group meets once a month to participate in various activities such as maintaining the school flower garden, building a home composter, and organizing “walk to school” days.

Green Team and the WIN Fast Forest
At its November meeting, Prassede Calabi of Grow Local for the Planet led a discussion about forests and all the things they do. The group also considered forests as the obvious base of the ecological food pyramid, (while the soil microbiome is the true base of the food pyramid, we can’t see it just by looking).

The food pyramid includes these parts:

  • Forest plants feed and support insects, especially caterpillars.
  • Caterpillars are essential for baby birds (and insects including moths & butterflies are essential for all flowering plants).
  • It takes about a thousand caterpillars to feed a baby bird.

So without forest plants, we’d lose all those parts of the food pyramid
The group also talked about planting the WIN Fast Forest in April – now postponed to September 21. And everyone drew pictures of trees.

Here are those pictures!