Win Fast Forest


Grow Local for the Planet is partnering with the Winchester Conservation Commission and Wright Locke Farm to plant a “fast” forest at the farm. Our goal is to restore agricultural wetlands by Locke’s Pond to a mature forest. We will be using the “Miyawaki” method of forestation, which speeds up tree growth to one-third or less of the usual time. Creating ideal conditions for tree growth, and then planting at high densities, means a forest in about 30 years instead of the expected 150.

A Miyawaki Forest is 51 percent forest, 49 percent community. That is, most of the work is done by volunteers. Everyone is welcome at any step: removing invasive plants, donating plants from helpers’ gardens, planting baby trees, weeding and mulching the starting forest, then watching and measuring it as it grows.

Win Fast Forest

Win Fast Forest At Wright-Locke Farm

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