Our Community Programs

Farmers Market

The Winchester Farmers Market starts the second Saturday in June and ends the last Saturday in October.

The market brings fresh produce from local farms, as well as provide opportunity for musicians, artisans, business, entrepreneurs, and organizations to participate. It makes for an engaging experience where we learn more about local and healthy foods and economy.
We also partner with WAN to provide a free table for their members, we had a kids program pre-covid called Kids Table to educate children of local seasonal food in a fun creative way, and have a extensive sponsored music program to give a platform for local musicians to be paid to play.

Grow Local For the Planet

Grow Local for the Planet is a group that shares regenerative gardening practices in our backyards, to help restore our soil as a means to mitigate climate change, and to grow a community of gardeners who learn from each other.

pollinators are important

Farmers Market’s Special Days (pre-Covid)

Community Music with Shukong of Shukelele

Partnering with local organizations, we have special days through out the season. Winchester Music Day features faculty and students from the local Winchester Community Music School, Art in The Park is sponsored by The Winchester Cultural Council and WAN, International Day celebrates our multicultural community and is sponsored by Winchester Multicultural Network, and Ability Awareness Day promotes and educates our community about disabilities – sponsored by the Winchester Disability Access Commission and Brio Integrated Theatre.

Farm Tours

Ever wonder where all this great produce comes from?

Fred Yen, our market manager, visits the farms, who sell in our market, to see what they are growing, how they are growing it, and invites market guests to take the tour with him. It is a very educational tour and one really gets to know the farmers and becomes more knowledgeable about his/her practices.

We will post these tour in our calendar and newsletter so all who are interested can come.

Winchester Vegetable Garden Tour(pre-Covid)

A fun tour that spans all corners of Winchester.  Vegetables mixed with flowers in the front yard, elevated gardens, growing in mobile containers, interesting watering systems, grown by elementary students, and outside a restaurant. We usually have the tour in August.

Climate Change Symposium:
Preparing Our Communities for Extreme Climate Change

Part 1
Moderator Jim Braude, WGBH and NECN asks the keynote speaker and panelists various questions about Climate Change and its effects on our local communities. Presented by Sustainable Middlesex at the Jenks Senior Center, Winchester MA.

Preparing Our Communities for Extreme Climate Change – Part 2
Preparing Our Communities for Extreme Climate Change – Part 3

Brian Swett, Chief of Environment and Energy Services, Boston
Kathy Baskin, Director of Water Policy, MA Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs
Suzanne Condon, Associate Commissioner, MA DPH and Director of the Center for Environmental Health
Marie Jordon, Senior Vice President, National Grid
Cynthia McHale, Director of Insurance Program, CERES

Lectures, Films, & Talks Around Town(pre-Covid)

Through out the year, the WFMCHub has sponsored events such as Composting for Beginners workshop, How We Can Reverse Global Warming: The Good News, Composting and Soil Enrichment Tour, Spring Lecture & Film Series : Food Security & Food Access: Ending waste.  Ensuring food for all, Above and Below… Our Watersheds and Our Rainwater film and lecture.